Flickr on my photo frame Part 3

The long running saga of getting my Flickr photos on my photo frame finally leads to a result.

As I predicted in ‘Flickr on my photo frame Part 2’ the Google Nexus 7 tablet has proved to be a stunner and all for £159.

So I didn’t need to buy another photo frame or subscribe to another service to replace the defunct I now have a superb screen on which to display my photos – when it’s not in use as my news reader and video player.

I also predicted there would be an Android photo app that I could use to to slideshow a selection of my Flickr photos. Well there is. I am now using FlickFolio. It allows me to select by collection, set, tag, gallery, favourites, groups, contacts and bingo its sits there pretending to be a photo frame.

G-HUB PropUp


All I need now is a upright stand that also acts as my Nexus 7 protective cover when moving it around. There is an ideal one available from Amazon the G-HUB PropUp case



In addition to all this convenient functionality it turns out that the authors of FlickFolio, Snapwood Apps, also have apps for Facebook photos, Picasa, Photobucket, SkyDrive and others – bargain.


Furthermore with the correct app loaded the Nexus 7 will be DLNA compatible.  I will then be able to show photos off my network and/ or ‘throw’ photos at my TV for big screen viewing.  I have been using Bubble UPnP on my Android mobile so will experiment with it on my Nexus 7 for a while.

Note: There always seem to be some issues with DLNA so it’s a case of trying several apps to see which one best suits the devices on your LAN and the formats of the media you want to share (throw around).

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Redwing berry feast

A redwing feasting on its favourite berries

Redwing berry feast

Redwing berry feast,
originally uploaded by martinrstone.

There we were chatting away on our daily walk around the block. This time were accompanied by my daughter. We were pointing out all the wildlife as we strolled then she spotted what she thought was a thrush. On closer inspection it was a flock of visiting redwings who had just popped over for a quick berry feast.

Fortunately my daughter had her camera with her so she was able to capture this perfect spotters pose by this obliging redwing. This is the first year we have spotted redwings in our neighbourhood. We’ll have to keep an eye out for some waxwings now.

Digiscoping at Martin Mere


originally uploaded by martinrstone.

I used the opportunity whilst visiting my new granddaughter to pop into the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Site at Martin Mere just outside Southport in Lancashire.

It was bright but the light was soft and it was calm. Great day for catching reflections in the water.

There was a pair of Peregrines relaxing in the sun observing the Whooper swans and othe wildfowl, pretending not to be there. But with my new digiscoping set up I was able to get a shot.

See the Martin Mere set on my Flickr site

I was using an old 60mm Opticron telescope with the DSLR adaptor to connect to my Nikon D60 but it required the camera to be in manual model so that I was forever adjusting the setting trying to get the exposure right.

Recently I upgraded to a Nikon 82mm Fieldscope with the disgiscoping adaptor FSA-L1. This adaptor allows me to use the automatic settings on the camera leaving me to concentrate solely on the focus.

Here is a picture of my new set up



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Capturing the moment

Brancaster Harbour 2

Brancaster Harbour 2,
originally uploaded by martinrstone.

It was one of those moments you could have waited days for.
We had just had a heavy squall. It stopped and the sun peaked out for a moment. It was still. The light was fantastic, clear, bright yet soft.
The tide was coming in. The sailing boats were being gently lifted from their afternoon rest and looking at their reflections in the still waters. The wading birds were moving nearer up the mud bank feverishly poking into the mud.
The clouds were in uncertain mood, some still angry some bright and fluffy.
And I was there to capture it!

Hare Harvest Supper

Harvest Supper

Harvest Supper,
originally uploaded by martinrs.

We’re on holiday in North Norfolk, a place known for its hares. We have been here several days and not seen one despite stopping at nearly every big, recently harvested field.

Then when we were doing a mundane, none wildlife spotting thing – we went shopping – we saw it dash across the lane in front of us.

That afternoon we went back on foot with telescope, binos and camera at the ready, not expecting to find a thing. But there, bold as brass nibbling at the new shoots was our hare.

Sparrowhawk pops in for breakfast


originally uploaded by martinrs.

It was deathly quiet in the garden as I was preparing breakfast on Saturday morning. I looked round the garden to see what was up and there sitting pretty on a garden fence post was this relaxed male sparrowhawk. I wonder what he had for breakfast.

It is always a struggle to balance feeding the birds in the garden and enjoying their visits and exposing them to the danger of the local Sparrowhawk. But then he is rather handsome!

Great Spotted Woodpecker & young

Great Spotted Woodpecker & young

Great Spotted Woodpecker & young,
originally uploaded by martinrs.

I have had a great time this spring taking photos of the many fledglings in our garden. This photo shows a female great spotted woodpecker feeding peanuts to her hungry you one.

I recently bought a Nikon D60 DSLR as my first Digital SLR. This photo was taken with 55-200mm zoom lens.

I bought the DSLR to attach to my telescope to do some digiscoping but have yet to find a suitable adaptor for my Opticron telescope

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