My News Sharing Set-Up

I have been experimenting with how I use bookmarking sites and news sharing sites.  I like to use more than one but also have a place where they are brought together.

I also want to discover what my friends are learning.

So far I have settled on Delicious  as my bookmarking service and Google Reader as my news sharing service.

I also occasionally I use the option to ‘Tweet This’ so that I share with my Twitter followers but I prefer to use Delicious where possible.

Both Delicious and Google Reader allow me share my choices with my friends and to see which topics interest my friends, but it is difficult create a community of friends with these two services and so really benefit from sharing knowledge.

So I now use Social Median as my knowledge community.  Both my delicious bookmarks and my Google shares are fed into Social Median and assigned to my interest groups within Social Median. This way I get to learn from others with similar interest  whether they are using Delicious or Google Reader or not.  Social Median can take feeds from other services should I take them up in future.

I also share my Delicious Bookmarks and Google Reader Shares with the activity streams in my Social Networks.

This is what my set up  looks like

My News Sharing Set Up 2


Joining Up My Web Spaces 3

At last Linkedin has begun to catch up with the rest of the social networking sites and has introduced applications. The most interesting to me is the ability to feed in my WordPress blog and to be able to see the blogs of my contacts. It even appears that my Twitter entries ared fed as well. 

 This now means that all my social network sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, ecademy and Plaxo can receive feeds from my Twitter and from my WordPress Blog. So I only need to author my status using Twitter or blog using Worpress once for each of my social networks to be updated.These social networks can also receive content from other services such as my photos from Flckr and my shared news stories from Google Reader and SocialMedian (only ecademy at the moment. So again I only need to author this content once and all my social network sites are updated. Below I have a diagram which services update which networks. There are also a number of other content authoring services that I have not taken up yet such as video, music, wish lists, bookmarks etc that could feed my networks.

The social network sites, of course, host my profile, my contacts and my career history. They cannot pass these details across to each other so I still have to enter the same details into each one. However it looks like the protective walls may be starting to come down. They are each looking at how they will accept each others signon through the use of OpenID or Facebook Connect. Now wouldn’t that be good to only have to update my profile, conatacts and career history once for all my networks to be updated!

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My Web Spaces Matrix
My Web Spaces Matrix






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