I was interested to see that Thomas Powers on ecademy was drumming up support for a UK CleanTech Forum and has started an ecademy club called Cleantech Meetup.  

I have long had an interest in New Energy and started a page on my website KnowYourTechs of‘Future Energy’ companies. I like to fnd out what is distinctive about their products or services as much as their financial performace as I believe companies with a distinctive technical advantage can have an edge over others in the market financially.

I have even put my money where my mouth is and invested in the BlackRock New Energy Investement Trust (FTSE: BRWM) Now it looks like I shall have to investigate putting some money into the the Powershares CleanTech ETF (AMEX: PZD) that follows the CleanTech Index

There is always a discussion as to whether technology will saves us from climate change. The new clean technologies generate less if any CO2 and use no fossil fuels and therefore have the potential to reduce our dependence on CO2 producing fossil fuel consuming resources and thus make our world a cleaner, cooler place. And of course I hope to make some money out of it as well.