Compare my Solar PV panel performance?

Now I can compare the performance of my solar PV panel array with other installations.


solar_pvI have been recording the output from my solar PV panels monthly since they were installed back in July 2010. I wrote a blog item about my solar PV rig and published my performance chart on Google.


But I have never been able to compare my charts with anybody else’s chart.


Now a new service has arisen OnYourRoof which lets me do just that.


All I need do is enter my meter readings and voila I have a chart comparing my panel performance with other similar panels in the area.

To see my chart compared with others visit my Page at and then click on any of the panel details.

I hope this post will encourage others to enter their details as the more details the better and the more useful the comparison becomes. Let me know if you sign up – then I can take a sneak peak


My Solar Photovoltaic Rig

Last autumn I took the plunge and had solar photovoltaic panels installed.  I have detailed below the components of my rig, who installed it and how much it cost.

I have also embedded a Google spreadsheet which shows the performance of the rig since installation (Sheet 1) and the income I have earned (Sheet 2). This spreadsheet should automatically update each month.

Solar panels for your home

PV Cells – I have 12 Yingli PV modules. The product is the Multicrystalline YGE 185 Series module type YL175P-23b with peak power output 175W. The installation is rated at 2.10 kW

Inverter   – power-one Aurora PVI-2000

Meter      – ISKRA Type: ME162 D3A51 M3K0

Installer  – PV Solar UK

Cost        – £10,640 incl VAT

Commissioned 28/07/2010

Estimated annual generation 1573.00 kW (@41.3p = £649.65 pa

I opted to have my exported electricity metered separately rather than accepting a flat 50% of the amount generated.

My Solar PV Performance

This uses the Google Docs embed feature.  Alternatively go to the Google spreadsheet directly  My Solar PV Performance