My Google Latitude location in Twitter and FireEagle via Ipoki

Google Latitude has for some time been out there on its own in the big wide social world.  It’s a simple but effective real time location service to share your location and status with your friends.  But now it has been brought in from the cold by Ipoki another GPS based real time service.

At first Latitude was only available on mobile phones but was excellent at quickly determining your location either via your inbuilt GPS or via WiFi IP address or Phone cell ID. I use it a lot as the basic Google maps mainly as an A-Z in London with the occasional announcement of where I am to my Google Latitude Friends.  It is now also available as a gadget within iGoogle so as soon as I open up my laptop and connect to the internet, Latitude kicks in with my updated location without me having to do anything.

However this has all been a bit flat because Latitude didn’t link to any of my other networks whImage representing Ipoki as depicted in CrunchBaseere most of my friends were. Now ipoki has come to the rescue by enabling  ipoki to read my location from Google Latitude.  Ipoki is also GPS driven real time location service that can run on my laptop or mobile phone and is used by athletes, cyclists and walkers to plot their route and time their performance.

Ipoki also enables you to send your location and status to your Twitter. So now all your Twitter followers and your friends in your networks which absorb your twitter feed  can be told of your location.

What is even more significant is that Ipoki can send my location to FireEagle and thus opens Google Latitude up to all the location aware networks that can interoperate with FireEagle including Facebook.

My Location Social Networks

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my location aware mobile phone

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National Freelancers Day 23 Nov 2009

What’s a freelancer – find out on 23 Nov

I happen to be a freelance computer consultant hence I’m shouting about the National Freelancers Day.  There will be a number of events taking place for freelancers across all sectors.

I think we do a fantastic job. We’re highly skilled, highly mobile and highly flexible, and are good value for money in this harsh economic climate, but then I would say that wouldn’t I?

Here is a quote from the National Freelancers Day website

“There are an estimated 1.4 million freelance workers in the UK. Freelancing has grown in importance to the UK economy: in 1998 there were only an estimated 1.25 million freelance workers in the UK. Freelancer numbers have increased by 14 percent in a decade.

Freelancers can be said to:

  • Be neither employers nor employees
  • Be skilled professional workers
  • Supply services to a range or succession of clients
  • Have commercial (“self-employed”) relationships with their clients
  • Work for a fee  “

So if you want to take the plunge and become a freelancer yourself or just want to know more about what we are then follow the link and keep your eyes open for events on the day.